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June/July 2007

Dear Nasir,

Our first days are very strange at home, people on the streets are not waving to us, smiling at us, like they did in Pakistan. Thank you for the trip, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, the guide was fantastic and very efficient, the driver was fantastic and very careful, and we miss your little jeep already. We felt safe and secure all the time, despite
what our media says about the situation there, and everybody was very friendly. Now we are trying to convince our friends to accompany us to Pakistan next year for the next trip, but unfortunately due the political situation everybody thinks we are crazy! I hope that
everything will calm down and you will have all the tourists you deserve.

Thanks again for the excellent service.

Best regards: Julianna Mayer
Budapest, Hungary


July 2007
Nanga Parbat Diamir Trek & Fairy Meadows

Here I send you the recommendation. This is about the amazing days we stood with your guides. Promise: they are fantastic people. I'm sorry of my English: maybe the recommendation is quite short but it is difficult for me to write a good English composition.

Thank you for all. And, please, answer me to know that your received it well.


We made a trekking last July from Chilas until the base camp of Nanga Parbat. Our trip was a tribute to Joan Colet, a Catalan alpinist that died ten years ago after climb this mountain. We had a really nice days and we think that our guides and porters were fantastic.
We were lucky to meet some of the people that help the ten years ago expedition and all of them remembered what happened then and helped us in our tribute purpose.
I hardly recommend this trekking, that only few people choose: the natural views are heart stopping and the calm and purity of this remote place are amazing. You can totally disconnect from your daily life and spend some special days discovering another world.
Talking about the food, maybe it can shock you the first day. At least in our case, it was completely different of our habitual food. But, I promise that our cook was excellent: he always surprised us with different dishes and (this was the only problem for us) he really liked the spices.

Eva Funoll

June 2007
Baltoro K2 BC and Ghondogoro La Trek

We recently went on a 22 days trek to Baltoro Glacier/K2 Base camp and Ghondogoro La with the company Karakorum Explorers. The trek was very well organised, guide was very professional, friendly and committed to us and our needs, making our experience in Pakistan most enjoyable and unforgettable, a once in a lifetime adventure. Our guide Mr. Amanullah is a credit to his company and country, he is a hard working, honest, intelligent man and could not have asked for anyone better.

James David Smith
N. Ireland

On the 15th June 07 we travelled with Karakorum Explorers to K2 Base camp. Not knowing what to expect, we found it to be an amazing experience, breathtaking views and amazing surroundings. Everything was so well organised, we were so well looked after. If anyone has any reservations about going to Pakistan, Don,t forget the media hype and have the adventure of a lifetime, we certainly did. Thanks Karakorum Explorers

Ruth Davis
N. Ireland

June/July 2006
Karakorum Hindukush Jeep Safari

It is now nearly three weeks since the great adventure in your country, and still I can´t stop thinking about it every day.   We had a really fantastic time and I am sure everyone would say the same. Thank you both for your care and such a good itinerary. Everyone we had with us just  went out of their way to help and make our trip as enjoyable as possible.  It has been so hard to tell people what we did, saw etc.  I will just have to encourage more people to come and experience your wonderful country.   Don´tworry I have started already!!

It was a great pleasure meeting you both and I hope that one day I can return to those beautiful and wild mountains of yours.  Thank you again for an adventure never to be forgotten!!!!

With best wishes

Caroline Buchan

June/July  2006
Jeep Safari, Shandur Polo Festival

Dear Nasir and Mubarak

I am sorry I haven't written earlier to say a big thanks for your input into
our trip to Pakistan in June/July.
The design and variety of the itinerary, I felt it was very balanced, with a lot.  We got a very good taste of Northern Pakistan.  Seeing the west side (NWFP)  first, was a good idea and lead up to the beautiful east side (Hunza Rakaposhi Fairy M)

I have just finished the movie called  "The world's best kept secret -
".  It is absolutely excellent.  I have done a fabulous job
even if I say so myself ! It's a very good advertisement for your company Karakorum Explorers.

The highlight of the trip for me was the POLO.  I loved it.  I very much
would like to attend another Shandur Polo Festival.  I spent  a lot of time
filming and next time would sit back and totally watch and enjoy the game.

I also loved Rakaposhi and Fairy Meadows trekking.

Next time I would like to "push" myself harder with the trekking.  It wasn't
tough enough for me, I would like to go longer and further (not necessarily
higher although a bit higher would be fine).  I am thinking about another
trip, the problem is I don't have anybody to travel with so would have to
advertise and get a group together. I will let you know if I wish to take
this further.  I had in mind a group of 9, 3 jeeps.

Personal best wishes to all of your families.

Joss Stewart
Nth Sydney, Australia


September 2006

We were pleased to see a smiling face at the Islamabad airport. Now it is already time to say good bye.

We know very little about your country and your people but in such a short time you have shown us so much, learned us so much and told us so much, we are almost certain it will not have been the last time.

You know so much, your driver so perfect, you always surprise us with unexpected stops (like the trout fish you bought for us along the KKH!!)

Now it is very difficult for us to find a good way to express our thanks for all of this. How can we be grateful to you?

Roger Marlier - Brigitte Van de Vijver



October, 2007

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby I would like to say a few words in favour of our guide Amanullah Khan. I the 13 days he has been working with us, Ive learned to know how as a very experience, knowledgeable and reliable guide. Moreover he is a n agreeable person to work with, which is very important if you cooperate for so many days. Amanullah Khan is a very worthy guide and he deserves the greatest trust and respect.

Yours sincerely

Els de Room Hertoge
Tour Leader
Koning Aap Reizen
The Netherland



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